Angus Green Thrillers

The world's a tough place for an FBI agent, especially a young one fresh out of Quantico, accustomed to viewing the world through the lens of an accounting spreadsheet. Follow Angus Green into thrilling situations as he tries to make the world safer for LGBT teens, adults and elders. Though these books are part of a series, they can be read in any order.

The Next One Will Kill You #1

A twenty-something gay FBI agent tackles his first big case with heart and smarts.

Assigned to South Florida for his first posting, Angus Green is worlds away from his hardscrabble upbringing in Scranton, PA. He has to cope with ethnic distinctions he's never considered, a multitude of foreign languages spoken around him, and a range of crimes and criminals that boggles his mind.

While investigating a jewelry heist with its roots in Fort Lauderdale's gay neighborhoods, Angus must learn how to use his education, his intelligence and his good looks without losing track of who he is and what he stands for. The street quickly teaches him that the only way to face a challenge is to assume that he'll survive this one--that it'll be the next one that will kill him.

I've used my experience in the FBI Citizen's Academy to bring Angus to life, and reviewers agree that he's a character to fall in love with.

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Nobody Rides for Free #2




Even a gunshot wound will not sideline Angus Green, who's back in his second thrilling adventure.

With less than a year of experience under his belt and only one big case behind him, FBI Special Agent Angus Green has joined the rarefied group of agents who have been wounded in the line of duty.

Now, assigned to a desk job while he recovers, Angus wonders if he's chosen the right career. He's been following his late father's dream for a life of adventure and travel-and instead encountered danger, pain and heartbreak.

But when he discovers that gay teens are being sexually abused by a pornographer in the same neighborhood where he lives, he has to step up and bring his intelligence, his determination and his unique insights to save these young men.

The case takes him from Fort Lauderdale's seamy underbelly to boisterous beachfront bars where big-fish Russian emigres launder illegal cash. He'll befriend a beautiful Russian-American undercover agent and rekindle a romance with a man who makes him feel protected. In the end, he'll learn the truth of a saying he learned as a boy -- there is a price to pay for every decision we make. Nobody rides for free.

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Survival is a Dying Art #3

Survival is a Dying Art



Someone has to look out for our gay elders-- and Angus Green nominates himself.

Special Agent Angus Green returns in this follow up to The Next One Will Kill You and Nobody Rides for Free. Angus is still in his twenties, and his red hair and good looks often make people underestimate him, but he’s a smart, fearless cop who believes in the FBI motto: Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.

Fort Lauderdale retiree Frank Sena is working with pawn shop owner Jesse Venable to retrieve a painting stolen from Frank’s uncle, a gay Venetian killed during the Holocaust. Angus volunteers to help Frank, and discovers Venable is the subject of a task force looking into smuggling immigrants out of war-torn countries in the Middle East.

Angus, who knows nothing about art and speaks no Italian, may be in over his head as he is assigned to befriend, and ultimately betray, Venable. But with the help of his Italian-speaking brother and his art-loving boyfriend, he may be able not only to retrieve the painting, but solve a smuggling case and potentially save thousands of lives. The investigation will take him from the sun-drenched rooftops of Venice to a private yacht speeding down Fort Lauderdale’s New River. Along the way, he’ll learn the true meaning of survival.

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Brackish Water #4

Brackish Water 200

In the first three books of this series, FBI Special Agent Angus Green has demonstrated courage, intelligence and empathy. One of his core beliefs is the influence his late father has had on his life. But what if he learns that everything he believed about that important relationship might be false?

It's no secret that the relationships between fathers and sons are at the heart of many of my books. Angus Green lost his father at age ten, and the memories he holds of things like looking at an atlas with his dad have had a great impact on his life. 

His new case involves a Cuban refugee who wants to trade knowledge of a stolen Old Master painting for his freedom. From the painting (a portrait I invented of Jesus as a boy with his earthly father) to the motivation of the bad guy, who seeks to outshine his father, to the secret that Angus's mother has been keeping for years.

I loved exploring this story and hope readers enjoy it too.

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The First 3 Books

Angus Green 1 3 cover 200

In one volume, get the first three books in the series! A great way to get to know Angus and his world.

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