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Have Body, Will Guard South Beach Romances Other Romances

#1 Three Wrong Turns in the Desert Gay The Russian Boy
#2 Dancing with the Tide The South Beach Gay Swim Club Christmas Shift
#3 Teach Me Tonight Mi Amor The Cat Who Got Married
#4 Olives for the Stranger The Catbird Seat: South Beach Romances David and Jonathan
#5 Under the Waterfall #1 Love on Site
#6 The Noblest Vengeance #2 Love on the Web
#7 Finding Freddie Venus #3 Love on Stage
#8 A Cold Wind #4 Love on the Pitch
#9 The Same Page #5 Love on the Map
#10 The Madness of Husbands #6 Love on the Boil

Christmas Shift

Love often means sacrifice-but what if you might have to give up a commitment to be one of Santa's reindeer and deliver holiday toys to kids to be with the one you love?

Peter McGuire is an EMT with a secret: he's a reindeer shifter, a Prancer on Santa's team. His holiday obligations often require him to make excuses for his absences, and even downright lie. That makes it almost impossible to develop a real relationship. But the secret isn't his alone, and if he opens up to too many people, he could destroy Christmas.

Jonny Santos is a ski bum distancing himself from being the family caregiver. He knows that his mother's MS is going to require him to devote himself to her someday, but in the meantime he's sticking to the slopes and staying single.
Then a pre-Christmas hike goes wrong, and Peter is forced to shift into reindeer form in order to rescue Jonny from a wilderness trail. The sparks between them are real-but are they enough to overcome the obstacles that keep them apart? Contains Prancers, Vixens and other reindeer, and smoking hot shifter sex! It's currently exclusively available through Amazon, either for purchase or through Kindle Select.

The Russian Boy

There are three Russian boys at the center of this book. Alexei Dubernin, the teenaged son of a Russian count, longs to paint like his Impressionist idols. This desire brings him in contact with the Russian maestro Fyodor Luschenko in Nice, France, in 1912, as the Russian aristocracy celebrates its last few years of prosperity on the Riviera.

Luschenko paints an erotic portrait of Alexei, called Le Jeune Homme Russe, or The Russian Boy, which is received with scandal, then acclaim.

Then, in the present day, the painting is stolen while being restored-- by another Russian boy, an art student in Paris named Dmitri Baranov. Dmitri's desperation to remain in Paris after his fellowship ends leads him into unsavory company, bringing him, and the painting, back to the Cote d'Azur, where someone is willing to stop at nothing-- including murder-- to possess this magnificent work of art.
Hard on Dmitri's trail, and that of the painting, is his boyfriend, American art student Taylor Griffin, and Rowan McNair, a disgraced former professor of art history turned art detective. Partners change, affairs are begun and ended, and dead bodies appear with a disturbing regularity. In alternating narrations, Alexei, Dmitri, Taylor and Rowan tell the story of the painting, its theft, and a series of love affairs between older men and their younger protégés. By turns sexy, dangerous and romantic, The Russian Boy is a story of love and art that spans the ages.

Get The Russian Boy as an e-book at, from Smashwords and at almost any online e-book retailer in multiple e-formats, or in paperback. You can also see the images that inspired me at my board for The Russian Boy on Pinterest. is a sexy comedy of manners the novel Jane Austen mighthave written-if she were a gay man living in Miami Beach at the turn of the millennium.

Brian Cohen is handsome, funny and smart, but he's never been able to get all those good characteristics together enough to score a great job or a great boyfriend. He's in his early thirties, living in the awesome gay candy store called South Beach, but he's a man without a plan.

Then his best friend Stella, a gorgeous model, hooks him up with a job helping launch a new gay web site, Brian immediately develops a crush on his handsome, desirable boss, Nick Petrangelis-- but Nick's happily coupled with a supermodel of his own, Paavo, the Fabulous Finn.

Will the Internet finally connect Brian to the life he's always dreamed of? Will Nick join the line of hunky men parading through Brian's bedroom? is more than just a web site--it's a fast, sexy romp on a narrow island of sand, Art Deco buildings and neon nights. Buy now from Amazon or other vendors.

Mi Amor

Miami Beach party planner Adam Beller is in the middle of an emergency situation when he runs into contractor Javier Marisco at the Publix on South Beach. There’s an electricity between them that only grows when Javier shows up, wearing an Armani tuxedo, at the party later that night.

Can their love survive business complications, a surprise outing, a dead body and an FBI investigation? The answer is a story that could only take place on South Beach.

After the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage, Loose Id approached its authors and asked if we wanted to revisit any of our characters who might be on the road to matrimony, and I thought immediately of Adam and Javier. Four years had passed and I wanted to know what they were up to.

Javier has encouraged Adam to leave town for Harvard-- but does he still love the new, more adult Adam who returns with his MBA? Will the big venture Javier began while Adam was away be his downfall, tearing apart his relationship? And will his conservative Cuban-American parents ever condone his marriage to another man?

By the way, the title comes from a poem my friend Richard Blanco read at the opening of the US Embassy in Havana.

I incorporated this story, "The Sea Between Us," into the new, revised version of Mi Amor. You can buy the new e-book from Amazon or from other vendors.

#1 Three Wrong Turns in the Desert

If you like Kimo and Mike, you'll love Aidan and Liam. This is the first book in their series.

After his partner of ten years kicks him out, Aidan Greene flees Philadelphia for a job teaching English as a Second Language in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. He notices bodyguard Liam McCullough showering naked behind a bar and falls immediately in lust. (That's Liam on the cover. If you don't think he's sexy...)

Aidan agrees to help Liam make a delivery, and that's where the fun starts. This is a fast, sexy adventure that I hope fans of the Mahu series will really enjoy. It has lots of four and five-star reviews on Amazon as well.

Buy Three Wrong Turns in the Desert from Amazon or from other vendors.

#2 Dancing with the Tide

Aidan and Liam head to the gorgeous Mediterranean island of Djerba, off the Tunisian coast, in their second sexy, romantic adventure.

Aidan Greene has joined Liam McCullough as an apprentice bodyguard, after completing a training course back in the US. They are hired to protect a young Arab pop star who has received death threats after coming out of the closet.

With a handsome, horny client, a mysterious visitor, and deadly threats, this dynamic duo will have their hands full.

You can buy the book from Amazon or from other vendors.

#3 Teach Me Tonight

In their third adventure, Aidan and Liam have been hired to protect a spoiled teenager attending an English-language institute on Tunisia's north coast. Liam worries that Aidan loves teaching too much to commit to their bodyguard business-- but when things go wrong and Liam’s sexy SEAL buddy Joey shows up to help out, career options become the least of their problems.

Liam faces an opponent who represents his own dark side-- a soldier of fortune who is smart, strong and ruthless. Liam needs Joey’s help-- but will his attraction to his hunky pal damage his relationship with Aidan?

You can buy the e-book from Amazon or from other vendors.

#4 Olives for the Stranger

Aidan and Liam return for a fourth adventure, inspired by the events of the Arab Spring in January 2011, also called The Jasmine Revolution.

As demonstrators and police spar in the streets of Tunis, they must protect Leila, a young girl whose mother has been taken into police custody. As the threats against her and her activist parents grow, hunky ex-SEAL Liam is stuck in the Tunisian countryside while teacher and novice bodyguard Aidan travels to France on his own with Leila.

Liam must deal with his emotions once separated from his partner, while Aidan struggles to protect Leila and her father from a deadly villian as Liam has taught him. Both men must examine the depths of their love for each other and satisfy themselves that more than just sexual desire keeps them together.

This new edition includes a short story, "The Jasmine Hero," which was previously only available in the version of the book purchased direct from the Loose Id website. You can buy this new edition of the book, with the story included, from Amazon or from other vendors.

You can visit my board for Olives for the Stranger on Pinterest to see some of the images that inspired me.

#5 Under the Waterfall

As soon as they're settled in their new home on the French Riviera, Aidan and Liam are sent to the island of Corsica to protect a mining executive and his family. The disruption, and the discovery that the client's son is gay and in a touchy relationship, causes both bodyguards to question their skills and their commitment to each other.

The title comes from a Corsican proverb I created -- "If you're going to walk under the waterfall, you'd better be prepared to get wet."

Will our intrepid heroes manage to protect the family while engineering a happy ending for a pair of star-crossed lovers, a "Romeo and Julio" situation? You can find out by buying the book from Amazon or from other vendors.

#6 The Noblest Vengeance

La mas noble vengansa es el perdon (A Ladino proverb meaning "The noblest vengeance is forgiveness.)

Bodyguard partners Aidan and Liam are deeply in love, living as expatriates in Nice, France. When Aidan's distant cousins in Istanbul need protection from dangerous adversaries he and Liam are on the next plane to Turkey - but the real danger to their relationship may come from their very different ideas about family connections.

Can their love withstand assassins with a deadly secret to keep hidden - and Liam's foul-mouthed mother? This is Have Body Will Guard #6, and you can buy it from Amazon and from other vendors.

#7 Finding Freddie Venus

Aidan and Liam's new client is former gay porn star Freddie Venus, who survived an epic slide and now lives a solitary life in a restored farmhouse outside Nice. He hires bodyguards when he begins to believe he is being stalked.

Newt Camilleri is a sad, overweight fifty-year-old who writes gay unicorn porn but has no romantic life. He has fled his dead-end job and old life to start again on the Riviera. When he spots Freddie, his porn idol, in a grocery store, he kicks off the plot that will bring them together.

But Freddie's past is about to come back to haunt him. Will Aidan and Liam be able to save Freddie, and help him and Newt start a new story together? This is #7 in the Have Body Will Guard series, and you can buy it from Amazon as well as other vendors.

#8 A Cold Wind

Can two middle-aged men with baggage fall in love? And can that love withstand assassination attempts?

Bodyguards Aidan Greene and Liam McCullough are sparring with one another again-- over the debris of a stalled renovation project in the small home they've bought in the town of Banneret-les-Vaux, in the hills above Nice. Luckily their neighbor, decorator Thierry Tremblay, is willing to help.

But a new case calls, and they move into a luxurious high rise in the Fontvielle neighborhood of Monaco to protect retired Russian oligarch Slava Vishinev. Who's trying to kill him-- and why?

Now that he's been forced out of the closet, lost his wife and family, and left behind the cold of Moscow for the Riviera, Slava longs for a sexy new life. But after a near-miss hit-and-run, he's ready to give up.
Both Slava and Thierry need a jump-start to love again. But can our heroes keep Slava alive long enough to engineer a romance between him and Thierry, still pining for his late lover? And will all the stress of home renovation cause a permanent break between Aidan and Liam? Read A Cold Wind to find out!

You can buy the e-book from Amazon or from other vendors.

#9 The Same Page

In 2018, when I read about gay men being imprisoned and tortured in the former Soviet state of Chechnya, I was horrified and moved, and worried that the world wasn’t paying enough attention to the problem.

A March 2018 article in the EU Observer highlighted the situation. “Despite a strong international response initially, including from the EU, Council of Europe and UN, an official investigation into the situation has not been conducted (despite an investigative committee being formed last spring). Those responsible have not been brought to justice, and victims continue to flee the republic.

But what could I do?
The Aidan and Liam books were inspired by John Preston’s series of books about Alex Kane, a Vietnam vet who lost his lover to friendly fire there. The lover’s wealthy father funds Alex’s series of adventures rescuing gay men in trouble.

I was fortunate to discover Preston when his paperbacks were still available easily; today they are sadly out of print. I loved the idea of a strong gay man who wanted to protect those who are vulnerable, and I’ve tried to do that in the Have Body, Will Guard series.

If you’re a fan of the series you’ll know that Aidan and Liam have tried to get out of the bodyguard business as they get into their forties, but this cause is enough to bring them back and show off the skills they still have. And of course there’s a romance subplot; they are brought into the situation by Slava Vishinev of A Cold Wind, whose gay son Arseny has vanished in Chechnya.

The Same Page is available at the sites listed below.



Barnes & Noble

Angus & Robertson (Australia)



24 Symbols

#10 The Madness of Husbands

When Aidan Greene's ex calls after ten years with a peremptory demand for bodyguard services, Aidan's tempted to say no, even though he hears real despair in Blake's voice.

After a reminder that the two of them are in their forties, and that personal protection is a young man's game, Aidan and his husband Liam have stepped back, marrying and taking a staycation at their home outside Nice. But Liam misses the adventure, and Aidan is curious about his ex and the man Blake has married, Latin diplomat Ricardo Levy.
Ricardo is recovering from a psychotic break, and sees danger all around him, but he's determined to attend a conference in the Bahamas where he will reveal information that may have profound international ramifications.

Quickly, Aidan and Liam are at a luxury resort on Paradise Island, watching for danger and wondering if the threats are all in Ricardo's head-or if they are very real.

Do we ever lose the bonds that connect us to past loves? Aidan and Blake will come to a reckoning about the events that began the Have Body, Will Guard series-and learn something about the madness of love along the way.

You can click the PayPal button below to buy The Madness of Husbands direct from me, and the digital file of your choice will be automatically emailed to you through a company called Book Funnel which has excellent customer service to help if you run into any problems. Or you can order from Amazon or the e-retailer of your choice.

The South Beach Gay Swim Club

I've always enjoyed writing short stories, and recently, with the improved economics of e-publishing stand-alone shorts I've begun writing some romance stories for MLR, all set in the same world on South Beach as, and picking up the lives of many of the supporting characters from that book. I'm trying to tie many of them together through a group I'm calling the South Beach Gay Swim Club. They are available individually from MLR, as well as in my anthology The Catbird Seat: South Beach Romances.

Yacht captain Rashid is immediately attracted to Bjorn, the sexy new sailor at the Miami Beach Marina-- but will Bjorn's secret destroy their budding romance? Who will be in "The Catbird Seat?" South Beach hairstylist Ryan hates Valentine's Day. But will this day of roses and chocolates end with him giving his heart away to his favorite client once it's Light's Out, Valentine? Only Cupid knows! Sean and Magnus can't deny the sexual attraction between them. But when the party's over on Noche Buena, will they open their presents together, or go their separate ways?
Things are getting stale for Spencer and Armando, and they've started keeping secrets from each other. Is a little fling just what each of them needs? Can love survive "The Six-Year Itch?" Richie and Gabe meet by accident---when one of Richie's two adopted sons beans Gabe in the head with a soccer ball. There's an immediate attraction, but is Gabe prepared to take on a ready-made family? Find out in "Waves of Gold and Smoke." Can young therapist Ken Levinson help returning vet Paul Wainwright with his PTSD-related nightmares? Or will the growing attraction between the two - which violates Ken's professional ethics-- derail Paul's healing and leave them both more alone? Everything is Mixed-Up in this contemporary romance set on South Beach.
Can Joe reconcile his belief in the tenets of Orthodox Judaism with the religion's disapproval of his sexual orientation? Or will his crush on his friend Yehuda ruin their friendship and leave him ostracized by his community? What will happen on the third night of Hanukkah? Short story available now from MLR.

The Catbird Seat: South Beach Romances

In these stories, all previously published only in e-book format, men find each other and fall in love, all against a backdrop of Art Deco architecture and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean.

The Catbird Seat: South Beach Romances offers a calendar full of M/M love affairs: "Lights Out, Valentine," "The Catbird Seat," "Waves of Gold and Smoke," "The Six-Year Itch," "Mixed-Up," "Third Night," and "Noche Buena." Also included is the novella The Guardian Angel of South Beach.

Click here to order the e-book or print version of this book from Also available at major e-retailers; click here for a list and links.
The Catbird Seat

Love on Site

The "Love on" series are loosely connected. I've simply listed the order in which they were written.

It's mid-May, and Manny Garcia has just graduated from Florida University (FU) with his bachelor's degree in construction management, and landed his dream job, working for handsome Walter Loredo on a warehouse project just west of downtown Miami. He's living in a condo on South Beach with two of his brothers from the gay frat at FU, Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Manny has a thing for older men, particularly construction workers, and he's got a real crush on Walter, even though he thinks the boss is straight. At first Manny's able to keep his South Beach life and his work separate. Then he runs into one of his coworkers on Lincoln Road when he is out with his roommates, and he's outed. Can he keep his job and win his boss's love?

You can buy it from Amazon or other retailers.

Love on the Web

Second in my "Love On" series, Love on the Web is Larry's story. Sweet-natured computer geek Larry Leavis is six-foot-six and uncomfortable in his own skin. His only salvation is his ability as a computer programmer, which leads him to a great job developing apps for a start-up on South Beach.

If only his love life could be as simple. He’s torn between two lovers – client Victor Kunin, who spins a dark web to trap him, and handsome entrepeneur Julian Argento, who has to learn to trust again before he can be Larry’s Mr. Right. It's another sexy look at the search for love and career success on South Beach.

You can buy it from Amazon or other retailers.

Love on Stage

The-ebook cover
When I was writing this series, I wanted Larry's book to be the second in the series, but I got hung up on how to write it, so I moved on Gavin's book. Now that I've had the chance to review all the Loose Id books and revise them, I've moved this to where it belongs, as the third in the series. Gavin Kaczmarek is a golden boy, desired by all. But though he's handsome and talented, Gavin is drifting -- working as a barista at a funky, Fair Trade coffee shop on South Beach and modeling for print ads. But when he sings for music producer Miles Goodwin while serving his coffee, a whole new world of opportunity opens for him.

The obvious attraction between Gavin and Miles takes them to bed, and then on an adventure that leads to performance and YouTube fame--but when insecurity arises on both their parts, can their budding romance survive the summer heat and blossom, or die with the falling autumn leaves? If you liked Love on Site or the erotica collection Three Lambs, I hope you'll enjoy Gavin's story.

You can buy the ebook from Amazon or other vendors, or get the print edition here.

Love on the Pitch

Fourth in my "Love On" series, this is Warren Updegrove's book. Warren first appeared in the Three Lambs book as an angry football player whom frat brother Thom Lodge has to tutor in math. But as I considered which of the characters from Three Lambs deserved his own book, I kept coming back to Warren. I've wondered for a long time about what happens to guys who reach the pinnacle they've worked for-- and then have to move on.

After losing his dream of playing in the NFL, Warren Updegrove is drifting aimlessly, supported by the affection of his best friend, math grad student Thom. Will his search love in the sports bars and playing fields of Fort Lauderdale end in the arms of sexy rugby player and former Olympian Victor— or will Warren recognize Thom waiting for him on the sidelines?
You can order the e-book or print edition from Amazon or the e-book from other vendors.

Love on the Map

Fans of the Three Lambs anthologies may remember Eric Mueller, the veteran who returns to school at FU to complete a graduate degree in cartography. He ends up following Manny, Larry and Gavin to South Beach, but his story will take him a little farther north, to Fort Lauderdale, for the first job in his new career.

When a man whose career is making maps loses himself, where does he turn? In Eric Mueller’s case, he unwillingly must rely on his step-brother, Alexander Brittain. But Allie has his own problems—he’s disappointed his mother and Eric’s father in dozens of ways, and he can’t seem to grow up. Can these two very different men make each other change in the ways they need to, and become the lovers they’ve been destined to be since their teen years?

Or will step-brothers be as close as they can ever get?
You can order the e-book from Amazon or from other vendors.

Love on the Boil

Fifth in my "Love On" series, Love on the Boil is the first to deviate from the stories of the guys in my erotica collection Three Lambs. The setting on South Beach is the same, though, and I'm still writing about young guys looking for love and career success on South Beach.

What if the one who got away came back-and you had to work together to achieve your dreams?

Eddie Gonzalez and Darren Carter had a hot college romance, derailed when they graduated and went in different directions.

But now they're both on South Beach, both trying to start gourmet tea businesses. A venture capitalist forces them to collaborate-- but will their venture go up in flames just as it's heating up?
You can order the e-book from Amazon or from other retailers.

Love on 1 - 3

The first three books in the series, available exclusively through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.

Read Love on Site, Love on the Web and Love on Stage as one big book, and get to see Manny, Gavin and Larry all get their HEAs.

In His Kiss

Michael Torani thinks of himself as an average seventeen-year-old — certainly not the smartest nor the most popular boy in his school. So he has no clue that his crush on the super cute but nerdy new guy Daniel Florez will soon result in their sharing a deep soul kiss — a kiss that will change Michael’s life forever. Suddenly, he's plunged into a world of FBI agents, gangster thugs, and Cuban exiles. And what's up with his brain? How come he's so much smarter than he used to be?

Just one kiss from Daniel turns Michael's world into something from the Sci-Fi Channel -- have Daniel’s brain cells been leaking into him? How's that possible? And yet he’s reading faster than he ever has before, scoring higher on school tests, and even helping his parents understand what’s wrong with his brother, the Big Mistake.

Michael's wry, funny attitude about growing up, falling in love and getting away from his parents will make you want to be his new best friend. Fans of Richelle Mead and Stephenie Meyer will fall in love with Michael and Daniel as they depend on their brains and their deep emotional connection to survive-- and maybe even graduate from high school along the way.
Amazon or other major e-retailers.

David and Jonathan: An M/M romance from the Bible

When I was looking for a Biblical verse to use in a same-sex wedding ceremony in The Same Page, the tenth of my Have Body, Will Guard adventure romances, the famous quote from the first book of Samuel in the Old Testament jumped out at me. “The soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.” (1 Samuel 18:1.)

Beautiful, right? The kind of statement that makes a romance reader and writer like me swoon.
When I finished The Same Page, I was still caught up in the beauty of that phrase, and I went back to the Old Testament and began to read through the books of Samuel, looking for more about the relationship between David and Jonathan. I couldn’t understand the way the story jumped back and forth in time, so I spoke to my rabbi, who told me that the story of David is thought to have been written by a few different authors, each with his own agenda.

I decided to take the basics of that story and spin an MM romance out of it. I’d write the story of David and Jonathan the way I wanted to read it. I did my best to incorporate bits of the book of Samuel as appropriate, including a few quotes, and I tried when possible to mimic the Biblical language in the speech of the characters.

I don’t believe that the men of Jonathan and David’s time had prejudice against same-sex relationships, as long as the men involved recognized that they would need to marry women eventually and bring forth the next generation. So I delved into the sexual relationship between these two men, and I hope in doing so I’ve illuminated their story and made it accessible to romance readers.

Order from Amazon or from other vendors here. here.

The Cat Who Got Married

This is a collection of five of my favorite M/F romances. Pilar is a six-toed Abyssinian cat, whose forebears lived with Ernest Hemingway at his house in Key West. When she and her owner, Ryan, move up north, they both have a hard time getting accustomed to the cold weather—until Ryan starts to get pointers from his lovely coworker, Lisa.

In true feline fashion, Pilar can’t resist sticking her six-toed paw into the budding romance between Ryan and Lisa—with charming, and sometimes surprising, results, in the first two stories in this collection.

In “The Temple of Lights,” efficiency expert Robert Lehmann discovers just how much havoc a woman can bring to his life, while the funny-naïve heroine of “You’re Pretty When You Smile, Ima Jean” goes out in search of her life and finds something she wasn’t looking for. And in the final story, “The Cat Who Ran Away,” the sleek, regal Rajah leads Susan to figure out that perhaps you really can go home again.

Men and women meet, fall in love and stumble over obstacles in these stories, but the ending is always a happy one. You can buy it from Amazon here, or you can check out the list of other retailers here.