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Love on Stage

This is the second in my "Love on" series, which began with last year's Love on Site. Manny's roommate and fellow FU grad, Gavin Kaczmarek is a golden boy, desired by all. But though he's handsome and talented, Gavin is drifting -- working as a barista at a funky, Fair Trade coffee shop on South Beach and modeling for print ads. But when he sings for music producer Miles Goodwin while serving his coffee, a whole new world of opportunity opens for him.

The obvious attraction between Gavin and Miles takes them to bed, and then on an adventure that leads to performance and YouTube fame--but when insecurity arises on both their parts, can their budding romance survive the summer heat and blossom, or die with the falling autumn leaves? If you liked Love on Site, I hope you'll enjoy Gavin's story -- and there are more stories of these college frat brothers to come. Buy it here from Loose Id, here from ibooks, or here from

Accidental Contact

From murderers to missing babies to a shaggy dog with an unusual appetite, Kimo has his hands full in this selection of ten short investigations in the Aloha State. Sun-drenched streets hide bodies in their shadows and clues lurk in the most unusual places, from a hearse to flowering hedge to a psychic who provides Kimo with an unexpected revelation. These sexy, smart and satisfying stories will please new readers and fans of the Mahu series as well.

The stories here are:
  • "Accidental Contact"
  • "Kelly Green"
  • "Refuge"
  • "A Shaggy Dog Story"
  • "Macadamia Nuts to You"
  • "Body Removal"
  • "The Burning Woman"
  • "Other People's Children"
  • "Alpha and Omega"
  • "Transmission"
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    The Noblest Vengeance

    La mas noble vengansa es el perdon (A Ladino proverb meaning "The noblest vengeance is forgiveness.)

    Bodyguard partners Aidan and Liam are deeply in love, living as expatriates in Nice, France. When Aidan's distant cousins in Istanbul need protection from dangerous adversaries he and Liam are on the next plane to Turkey - but the real danger to their relationship may come from their very different ideas about family connections.

    Can their love withstand assassins with a deadly secret to keep hidden - and Liam's foul-mouthed mother? Have Body Will Guard #6, The Noblest Vengeance, is now available as an ebook from Loose Id as well as from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ibooks and other retailers.

    Whom Dog Hath Joined

    Reformed computer hacker Steve Levitan still gets a thrill from snooping into places online where he shouldn't be. When his golden retriever Rochester discovers a human bone at the Friends Meeting during the Harvest Days festival, these two unlikely sleuths are plunged into another investigation.

    They will uncover uncomfortable secrets about their small town's past as they dig deep into the Vietnam War era, when local Quakers helped draft resisters move through Stewart's Crossing on their way to Canada. Does that bone Rochester found belong to one of those young men fleeing conscription? Or to someone who knew the secrets that lurked behind those whitewashed walls?
    Steve's got other problems, too. His girlfriend Lili wants to move in with him, and his matchmaking efforts among his friends all seem to be going haywire.

    Whether the death was due to natural causes, or murder, someone in the present wants to keep those secrets hidden. And Steve and Rochester may end up in the crosshairs of a very antique rifle if they can't dig up the clues quickly enough. Amazon has the ebook and print versions, while Barnes & Noble, ibooks, and Smashwords sell the ebook.

    Genie for Hire

    An ancient genie in a modern, buff body, Biff Andromeda can't use his magical powers for his own benefit, so he opens a detective agency in a Miami suburb. A damsel in distress, photographer Sveta Pshkov, hires him to retrieve a stolen set of boudoir photos she took of a Russian mobster's wife-snapped for her boyfriend's pleasure, not her husband's.

    Biff's investigation into the spreading tentacles of the Russian mafia turns personal when he realizes that the dangerous female genie he has loved and lost over centuries has a desperate stake in the outcome. Now available at, Barnes and Noble, ibooks, and Smashwords, and in print from CreateSpace.

    See You Soon?

    I'm staying close to home for a while because of the new puppy (Griffin, aka Gryffindor) but I will be:

    • at Malice Domestic in May, 2015

    Now in Audio

    If you like audiobooks, I hope you'll consider mine. At Amazon, just select the Audible version.

    The Golden Retriever Mysteries
    #1 - In Dog We Trust at Amazon or ibooks
    #2 - The Kingdom of Dog at Amazon or ibooks
    #3 - Dog Helps Those at Amazon or ibooks
    #4 - Dog Bless You at Amazon or ibooks

    Have Body, Will Guard
    #1 - Three Wrong Turns in the Desert at Amazon or ibooks
    # 2 - Dancing with the Tide at Amazon or ibooks
    # 3 - Teach Me Tonight at Amazon or ibooks

    Genie for Hire: A Biff Andromeda Mystery at Amazon or ibooks

    Cleis has created audiobook editions of the anthologies I've edited for them:
    Hard Hats (Amazon or ibooks),
    Surfer Boys (Amazon or ibooks),
    Beach Bums (Amazon or ibooks),
    Sexy Sailors (Amazon or ibooks),
    Model Men (Amazon or ibooks)
    The Handsome Prince (Amazon or ibooks).

    What Else is New?

    I'm dipping my toes in several new streams right now. There's a Steve and Rochester story in an anthology from Untreed Reads, called The Untreed Detectives.

    I'm experimenting with translation, too. I translated my award-winning story "Christmas in Honolulu" into French, then hired a copy editor to make sure that if my college French teacher read it she wouldn't scream in horror. "Un Noel Hawaiien" is now available as an ebook through The same story in German, "Weihnachten auf Honolulu," is available as well.

    Something else that's new is my participation in Authograph. See all my e-books there and request your personalized autograph!


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