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I generally write multiple drafts of any novels, so here's what's burning up the jump drive attached to my laptop:
  • Have Body Will Guard #6, The Noblest Vengeance, is coming out from Loose Id on May 13, 2014.
  • Golden Retriever Mystery #5, Whom Dog Hath Joined, needs one more good look. Hope to have that out for e-readers and in paper by June.
  • Mahu #8, Ghost Ship, is in second draft and being reviewed, chapter by chapter, by my critique group.
  • The second of my "Love On" series -- Love on Stage -- should be out by the end of the summer from Loose Id. (For fans of the first, this is Gavin's story)
  • I've finished the first draft of the third "Love on" book, Love on the Web, Larry's story.
  • I have just begun putting together a second volume of Kimo stories, all mystery this time.
There's definitely a lot in the pipeline!

It's mid-May, and Manny Garcia has just graduated from Florida University (FU) with his bachelor's degree in construction management, and landed his dream job, working for handsome Walter Loredo on a warehouse project just west of downtown Miami. He's living in a condo on South Beach with two of his brothers from the gay frat at FU, Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Manny has a thing for older men, particularly construction workers, and he's got a real crush on Walter, even though he thinks the boss is straight. At first Manny's able to keep his South Beach life and his work separate. Then he runs into one of his coworkers on Lincoln Road when he is out with his roommates, and he's outed. Can he keep his job and win his boss's love?

Now available from Loose Id, from Amazon, and other e-book sellers.

As soon as they're settled in their new home on the French Riviera, Aidan and Liam are sent to the island of Corsica to protect a mining executive and his family. The disruption, and the discovery that the client's son is gay and in a touchy relationship, causes both bodyguards to question their skills and their commitment to each other. Available now from Loose Id! Also available at Amazon or wherever e-books are sold.

An ancient genie in a modern, buff body, Biff Andromeda can't use his magical powers for his own benefit, so he opens a detective agency in a Miami suburb. A damsel in distress, photographer Sveta Pshkov, hires him to retrieve a stolen set of boudoir photos she took of a Russian mobster's wife-snapped for her boyfriend's pleasure, not her husband's.

Biff's investigation into the spreading tentacles of the Russian mafia turns personal when he realizes that the dangerous female genie he has loved and lost over centuries has a desperate stake in the outcome. Now available at, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and in print from CreateSpace.

See You Soon?

I'm staying close to home for a while because of the new puppy (Griffin, aka Gryffindor) but I will be:

  • Talking about M/M romance and the current state of GLBT publishing at the Pride Center in Wilton Manors at 10 AM on Thursday, April 17
  • On a panel at the Key West Mystery Festival from June 13 - 15.

Now in Audio

If you like audiobooks, I hope you'll consider mine. I have four so far; the first three are in my Golden Retriever Mystery series. These are links to Amazon; just select the Audible version once you get there.
#1 - In Dog We Trust
#2 - The Kingdom of Dog
#3 - Dog Helps Those
#4 - Dog Bless You

And I've just begun work on the Have Body, Will Guard series. Three Wrong Turns in the Desert went up at the end of August, and Dancing with the Tide in December. I hope to have the rest up over the next couple of months, along with Genie for Hire: A Biff Andromeda Mystery.

Recently Published

The murder of an island patrician exposes a crime from the time of statehood. More Rochester's discovery of a human hand leads to an investigation of theft and murder. More Print edition of six romances and a novella set on South Beach. More Aidan & Liam must rescue a young girl in peril. More

A comic novel about Jewish family relationships and shopping mall construction. More A lushly erotic painting from 1912 is stolen in Paris, and art historian Rowan McNair must find it-- while falling in love. More Kimo investigates the death of a young lesbian mother. More Erotic stories about a gay frat at Florida University -- FU. More

What Else is New?

I'm dipping my toes in several new streams right now. Cleis has created audiobook editions three of the anthologies I've edited for them: Hard Hats, Surfer Boys, and The Handsome Prince.

There's a Steve and Rochester story in an anthology from Untreed Reads, called The Untreed Detectives.

I'm experimenting with translation, too. I translated my award-winning story "Christmas in Honolulu" into French, then hired a copy editor to make sure that if my college French teacher read it she wouldn't scream in horror. "Un Noel Hawaiien" is now available as an ebook through The same story in German, "Weihnachten auf Honolulu," is available as well.

Something else that's new is my participation in Authograph. See all my e-books there and request your personalized autograph!


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